I was six years old in 1962 watching my parents small black and white TV when I first saw "THE KING". The movie was "Loving You" and he was singing one of his first hits "Teddy Bear". I was immediately engaged with the raw sexual energy, his great voice and look. I knew I would be hooked forever.

My Aunt Connie learned how to cook and all the original recipes from her mother in Jerome, Arizona. In 1943, My Aunt Connie opened her first restaurant in Long Beach, CA called ‘The Old Mexico Café’. Shortly after, the first Azteca Mexican Restaurant was opened in 1957 on Garden Grove Blvd because of cheap rent. Her dream was to own property on what is now Historic Main Street and she achieved her dream when she bought this property in 1980.

In 1993, after taking over the restaurant for my Aunt Connie, I purchased my first framed picture of "THE KING" from The National Enquire which still hangs today over booth 1 in the Crooners Lounge. It was way too cool to be left at home, so I brought it here to show it off. The Azteca’s "King" themed décor was not planned nor designed but rather happened by accident. It evolved out of my fascination and love for him.

Our belief is that "THE KING" may bring you in the first time, but that our food and service will bring you back forever. We pride ourselves in a restaurant first and foremost. Only the best will do. "THE KING" has changed my life and only for the better. Not only does it make me smile, but it brings me back to that special time in my youth. This collection is my passion. Lastly, to the people I’ve met and to the memories I’m creating with you all, I say thank you and enjoy!